Learn About Henry Schein “MicroMD” PM & EMR Systems

The importance of a quality practice management (PM) and electronic medical records (EMR) system really can’t be overstated. These software applications are integral to keeping your practice running smoothly and allowing you to maintain compliance with the various government regulations related to healthcare documentation and reimbursement. Henry Schein SolutionsHub is proud to partner with Henry Schein MicroMD to offer its PM and EMR systems for our clients.

MicroMD PM

MicroMD Practice Management uses advanced billing technology along with revenue management tools and a variety of integrated solutions to help practices improve operational efficiencies while staying in control of their practice’s billing, optimizing reimbursements and staying financially strong. This is done through a number of features, including:

  • Scheduling: Manage appointments easily and precisely with intelligent waiting lists and the ability to integrate MicroMD PM with supported outside partners to automate patient communications and appointment reminders.
  • Registration: Efficiently capture and manage patient data with the ability to temporarily register new patients and scan drivers licenses and insurance cards.
  • Billing: MicroMD simplifies billing and accelerates payments by using enhanced charge slip tracking and charge posting, an EDI Rules Manager and code scrubbing to ensure your claims are accurate, EMR integration to capture charges in a fully-automated fashion, quick and easy payment posting options, and an easy statement generator.
  • Claims Management: With automated patient eligibility verification, continuous claims tracking, real-time claim status inquiry, electronic remittance advise, and insurance payment profile and fee updates successfully submitting claims has never been more seamless.
  • Reporting: MicroMD PM’s robust reporting module allows you to gain operational and financial insight into how your practice is doing with hundreds of reporting options.
  • Advanced Security: Control access to your system for peace of mind with customizable access management and an audit trail for maintenance.

These are just some of the features that make MicroMD PM an ideal software application for any medical practice. Plus, MicroMD PM is affordable, meaning it won’t break your practice’s budget, scalable, allowing it to work for your practice no matter how much it grows, and easy to use, making it easy to implement.


MicroMD EMR gives providers the flexibility they need in an EMR by offering customizable patient encounters and versatile workflow options to allow providers the ability to document their way while still meeting the requirements of today’s quality payment programs. MicroMD EMR has a number of exciting features, including:

  • Clinical Documentation: With MicroMD EMR, each clinician can choose to document the way they prefer, regardless of how others in the practice prefer to work. Providers can choose between text templates, encounter wizards, SOAP templates, and voice recognition to find the workflow that best suits them.
  • ePrescribing: MicroMD leads the industry by providing advanced ePrescribing features alongside traditional capabilities such as streamlined refill management and instant prescription routing.
  • Clinical Dashboard: MicroMD EMR quickly pulls together all the patient data a provider would want to see that relates to that patient’s condition or health status.
  • Integration and Interoperability: Integration and interoperability are seamless thanks to MicroMD EMR’s open-architecture design.
  • Security: Patient information is kept safe as MicroMD EMR allows the practice to determine password strength and reset requirements along with limiting the number of failed log-in attempts that are allowed before locking a user out, defining an employee’s role in order to limit their view to only necessary information, and including extremely detailed audit trails.

In addition to all of these features, MicroMD also offers ExpressChart EMR for both primary care and urgent care practices, featuring efficient, intuitive charting at a low-cost monthly subscription. Overall, MicroMD EMR has an option to fit most practices, is scalable enough to grow with your practice, and is customizable so that your EMR fits the way your practice works already; no adjusting your workflow to integrate your EMR.

Having a strong PM and EMR makes all the difference for a medical practice and can truly mean the difference between thriving and struggling. Henry Schein SolutionsHub is proud to offer MicroMD PM and EMR as affordable and scalable software solutions for your practice. Are you ready to learn more? Visit henryscheinsolutionshub.com or call 833-433-2482 for more information or to get started.