Is a Swiss Army Knife the best Solution?

Written by Jeff Peres, CEO everseat

Is a Swiss Army knife the best tool to have in the tool kit? Is it in fact the tool kit? I recently had a debate with someone about this question and I could see how one might think that the venerable brand is the one…the only. Indeed, when I think about my first Swiss Army knife – I remember day-dreaming about how I’d use all of the tools that come included. A “complete package” for anything I might encounter – from fixing a picnic table to tunneling out of Alcatraz, and maybe even opening a bottle of wine as well.

There is no doubt that this ultimate utility tool has captured the imagination of generations; but where does the utility end? Is the all-in-one really the way to go even for the ultimate outdoor enthusiast?

It occurs to me that some companies in the robust and varied healthcare software industry are the software analog to the Swiss Army knife. I’ve seen digital advertisements for systems that seem to claim they solve every problem under the sun. It would be great if they did with the daunting challenges we are all working on in healthcare. Watching the insurance climate as well as the changing landscape of patient expectations, I wake up every morning thankful that I am involved in an incredibly dynamic sector. I also wake up increasingly skeptical that anyone can build an all-in-one tool like a Swiss Army knife that will really perform as advertised.

My focus – and the focus of our amazing team at Everseat – continues to be matching up supply and demand – which is a fancy way of saying “we do scheduling.” Specialization does not mean a narrowing focus. On the contrary – we provide custom applications and processes for every single provider we encounter because the genius of digital solutions is that they are adaptable to meet the needs and the goals of the user. Some of our customers use Everseat to share information about late cancellations; and others use it to increase access to every-day appointments via their website. We relish the opportunity to get inside the chess game each customer is playing about how to expand access and increase efficiency at the same time. We are experts at making it easier for patients to get the appointments they need, and helping the practice to maximize the use of a very busy schedule.

I loved my Swiss Army knife. In fact, I still take it with me on trips with my boys where anything is possible and you never know which tool you may need. But in healthcare technology, I am grateful that provider organizations and practice management platforms continue to turn to specialists like Everseat seeking innovative partnerships. I admire ambition but I am skeptical of any company out there claiming that their system does it all. We do what we do best. We see that it makes an immediate and a lasting difference for patients and providers alike.