Cyberattacks; Are you Prepared to Lose Everything

Cyber attacks in healthcare can be damaging to both your practice and patients. Imagine arriving at your office and discovering that 100% of your computers are encrypted with ransomware. You contact your IT company and they say, “we have a major problem.” This continues to be a growing problem in the healthcare industry. We’ll talk proactive measures that you can take NOW to keep your practice, network, and data secure. We often hear, “we thought we were fully protected by our IT company” – only to discover that was not the case.

Speaker Gary Salman, Chief Executive Officer
As the CEO and co-founder of Black Talon Security, Gary is dedicated to data security. Gary understands the latest trends in the industry as they relate to healthcare. He has decades of experience in software development and computer IT and developed one of the very first Cloud-based healthcare systems. In addition, Gary has over 17 years as an instructor at West Point, is involved in law enforcement and has received training from the FBI in cybersecurity. He is also a member in InfraGard. Black Talon has assisted with the largest distributed ransomware attacks in U.S. history which resulted in millions of dollars of ransom payments and tens of millions in damages to the victims. In every instance, all data was recovered and successfully decrypted. Black Talon is also an expert in preventative measures as well as incident response.

Learning Objectives:
Learn the differences between an IT company and a cybersecurity company
See what you can lose from a cyber or ransomware attack – your data, your patient’s trust, your reputation, your ability to operate your practice, your sanity and more
Understand why firewalls and anti-virus software will no longer keep you protected from cyber criminals
Recovery costs and practice interruption from a cyberattack can result in excess of $100,000
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