Webinar Recap: Build & Bolster Your Employee Brand, Sourcing & Retaining Healthcare Talent in 2021

Hiring in healthcare is difficult right now to say the least. The pandemic compounded existing challenges creating an environment where the same old hiring practices simply aren’t cutting it. Who hasn’t experienced the pains of staff burnout and turnover?
Healthcare offices must strive constantly to find and retain high-quality staff who are ready to tackle the challenges. That means they need to differentiate themselves to stand out from the sea of same and protecting their reputation to attract new clients. As competition for talent escalates, proactive healthcare providers recognize that the key to differentiation is having an authentic, compelling, and well-defined employer brand that’s delivered to the right audience at just the right time.

About the webinar, in detail:
1. Build your brand that will lift you above the competition
2. Deploy your brand to extend your reach in finding applicants
3. Enhance and defend your brand to attract and retain quality talent