The Business of Medicine

A 5 Part Original Webinar Series from SolutionsHub

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The healthcare landscape is rapidly changing. Leverage technologies and services that help you stay focused on delivering the best care

The Business of Medicine webinar series takes you through 5 key areas to running a successful practice and enabling the best care one can provide. This series will run every other Wednesday starting July 28th through Wednesday September 22nd.

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Build and bolster your employer brand: Sourcing and retaining healthcare talent in 2021 and beyond

Topic: Benefits of Employer branding / employer value proposition / reputation management for hiring quality staff  

Description: Hiring in healthcare is difficult right now to say the least. The pandemic compounded existing challenges creating an environment where the same old hiring practices simply aren’t cutting it. Who hasn’t experienced the pains of staff burnout and turnover?

Healthcare offices must strive constantly to find and retain high-quality staff who are ready to tackle the challenges. That means they need to differentiate themselves to stand out from the sea of same and protecting their reputation to attract new clients. As competition for talent escalates, proactive healthcare providers recognize that the key to differentiation is having an authentic, compelling, and well-defined employer brand that’s delivered to the right audience at just the right time. In this session you’ll learn how to: Build your brand – Deploy your brand to extend reach – Enhance and Defend your brand to attract and retain talent

Speaker: Eric Smith, Founder & CEO

Bio: Eric founded Talentcare in 2013 to radically challenge the conventional thinking in healthcare talent acquisition.


Your Financial Health: A Conversation on Revenue Cycle Management with athenahealth

Topic: Revenue Cycle Management

Description: It’s difficult and costly to get appropriately compensated for the services you perform for your patients. You can’t collect payments as efficiently or effectively as you want, hurting revenues and margins. You need to gain insights to identify and resolve revenue and efficiency gaps, improve the patient experience, and increase the quality of care. Want to learn more? Join athenahealth and hear how you could be thinking about revenue cycle management and take charge of your financial performance.



Bryan Denny, Marketing Manager

Nathan DuMond, Executive Director

Tess Morton-Trask, Director of Client Solution Group 

Five Questions to Ask When Evaluating a Patient Payment Solution

Topic: Patient Payments, Medical Billing, Revenue Cycle Management

Description: With the continued rise of high-deductible health plans, and patient self-pay representing upwards of 30-40% of a provider organization’s revenue, it’s mission critical to modernize the collection strategy beyond paper statements, phone calls, and patient portals. Here’s five questions you need to ask when evaluating your patient self-pay collections approach.

Speaker: Jeb Burrows, VP of Business Development at CueSquared. Jeb is a healthcare growth executive with more than 20 years of sales and marketing leadership, business development and strategy experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare information technology segments. Before working for CueSquared he helped grow both PatientPop and athenahealth.

Cyberattacks – Are You Prepared to Lose Everything?

Topic: Cybersecurity and the importance to implement in todays healthcare space

Description: Imagine arriving at your office and discovering that 100% of your computers are encrypted with ransomware.  You contact your IT company and they say, “we have a major problem.”  This continues to be a growing problem in the healthcare industry.  We will discuss some proactive measures that you can take NOW to keep your practice, your network, and your data secure.  The comment that we continue to hear from your colleagues is, “we thought we were fully protected by our IT company” – only to discover that was not the case.

Speaker: Gary Salman, Chief Executive Officer


As the CEO and co-founder of Black Talon Security, Gary is dedicated to data security and understanding the latest trends in the industry, particularly as they relate to healthcare.  He has decades of experience in software development and computer IT and developed one of the very first Cloud-based healthcare systems.

As a sought-after speaker and writer, Gary also lectures nationally on cybersecurity threats and their impact on the healthcare industry.  He has lectured and trained tens of thousands of practices across the U.S. on how to maintain “best practices” in cybersecurity and has been featured in over 70 national publications and news stories in the medical, dental, legal and financial industries.

Bringing Automation to your Business and the many Benefits it Allows

Topic: Increase operational efficiencies through sophisticated smart services

Description: Staying up to date and compliant is tedious and time consuming. HealthFirst uses smart automation to increase operational efficiencies and stay up to date and compliant so your staff can focus on revenue-generating work. HealthFirst automates medication management and waste management from sourcing to disposal, including Emergency Medication Management with Auto-Replenishment and Pharmaceutical and Medical Waste Auto Recovery Services.

Speaker: Lynda Goodrich, Product Marketing Manager


Lynda has more than 25 years of experience in the medical and surgical fields, managing cardiac life support devices and medications as well as ASC revenue management.

Speaker: Bryan Foss, Product Marketing Manager – Environmental

Bryan has more than 15 years of experience in the waste management, most recently developing mailback waste disposal solutions for the healthcare industry.