97% believe that Supply Chain Management is an important part of achieving their organization’s goals

CORMAX is an inventory management platform for clinicians and medical personnel to help streamline the product ordering process while utilizing multiple vendors.

When we work with our customers on enhancing supply chain efficiency, we start with simplifying their inventory management system. CORMAX offered by Henry Schein Medical was built to elevate your practices organizational goals with a modernized workflow to save time, enhance visibility, and improve the patient experience under one distribution.

Henry Schein Medical is focused on improving your ordering experience, so you can focus on the patient experience.

Corporate Catalog

A corporate catalog offers an organized approach to showcasing all products that are available to your team. Your corporate catalog can include negotiated sales plan items, formulary items, equipment, and office supplies across several vendors


Finding your practice’s or healthcare organization’s formulary allows your workforce to easily select preferred items and products with negotiated pricing. A green checkmark can highlight each custom formulary item effectively to streamline the ordering process, while increasing productivity

Order Forms

Order forms can be used as an organizational tool that can be fully personalized to meet the needs of your health care facility. If you are not managing stock levels and allowing CORMAX to prompt you for reordering, you can utilize order forms to simplify the ordering process. In addition, corporate groups can create order forms synced to practices to systematically to assist with the organizational process

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The analytics reporting tool can display groups or filter down to specific practices within your group. This feature can illuminate every aspect of the inventory management process. It provides the valuable information you need to manage inventory control, spending, while driving better bottom-line results

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Whether looking at your dashboard or requisition, CORMAX displays your available budget and pending purchases. In addition, permissions can enable alerts to users to avoid overspending

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Expense Allocations

Effortlessly expense products when purchasing with preset GL Accounts and Cost Centers. Alternatively, create and assign your own cost centers. Regardless of the type of business you operate, or how much detail you are looking for, CORMAX can break down your expenses and give you powerful reporting tools to understand your spending throughout your health care facilities


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