When it comes to properly managing waste streams per regulatory requirements, healthcare facilities are constantly searching for solutions that not only protect them from regulatory infringements, but can do so without being locked into long-term contracts from waste pickup services which threaten them with large financial penalties if they decide they want out early.

This problem is exasperated when facilities are trying to find proper solutions for the disposal of DEA Controlled Substances, which involves additional cradle-to-grave tracking documentation paired with DEA-certified reverse distribution services.


HealthFirst Environmental has partnered with Reliable Pharmaceutical (RP) Returns to provide you with a smart, compliant, and economical way to manage your non-controlled and Schedule II-V controlled substances using DEA compliant mail-back services – no contracts required!

This service includes online access to a proprietary Client Returns Portal interface, which allows you to prepare and print DEA required return manifests prior to returning shipment. All DEA paperwork and processing services is conveniently provided by RP Returns, a certified reverse distributor for non-controls and DEA Controlled Substances.


This service allows you to choose one of our three convenient box sizes based on the number of pharmaceuticals being returned for processing. Once you complete and print your DEA paperwork, place all paperwork along with your pharmaceutical returns into the box and give the box to UPS for return shipment and processing. Return shipping and processing services are all included in one low price.

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