Modernized Medical Inventory Management

Our mission is to reduce loss and elevate outcomes in health care by creating innovative, efficient, effective point-of-care supply management systems. TruMed’s AccuShelf solution can effectively oversee your complete medication portfolio, vaccines and samples supply, and other medical products with a single, simplified solution.

Successfully managing a vaccine inventory is a daunting task for health care facilities around the globe. With patient safety top of mind, TruMed’s Accushelf is powered by modernized technology with the goal of elevating clinical effectiveness by driving an efficient workflow for medical practices. In addition, Accushelf can lower cost and improve patient outcomes with their strategically built supply management systems.


Here’s How AccuShelf Can Improve Your Practice

With a simplified inventory control solution, health care providers can enhance patient safety, improve time management, and document costs with an easy-to-use solution.

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Inventory Control

Decrease waste, loss, and inconsistencies with programmed scanner-based workflows

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Increased Patient Safety

Clearly verify dosage and medication before administering to patients to lower the likelihood of errors

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Regulate & Streamline Workflows

Rapidly scan all medication barcodes to obtain lot, expiration, and dosage

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Supports 340B

Utilize built-in compliance information that tracks every dose by invoice, payor, and provider


Integrated Solutions