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The easy way to connect to Connie, Connecticut’s state HIE

It can feel overwhelming to comply with a mandate, but with the right tools it doesn’t have to be. Smartlink has helped hundreds of practices connect to a variety of HIEs all across the country, and we have the process down to a science that requires zero effort on the part of the practice and no involvement from your EHR vendor. Plus, our approach is much faster and more affordable than traditional integration methods.

How does the Smartlink-Connie integration work?

The short answer is that the Smartlink Data Connector, or SDC, integrates with your EHR via the user interface. To give more detail, once you provide access, SDC will log into your EHR like any other remote user. Then SDC will follow pre-programmed instructions to extract the data for transmission to Connie. There’s no additional work for your staff and no need to involve your EHR vendor, and the connection will be complete in a matter of days to weeks. SDC is 100% HIPAA compliant and provides a complete audit trail of all data shared for your peace of mind.

Why Integrating is Important

By participating in your state’s HIE, you will be able to share patient information with other healthcare providers in real-time, improving the continuity of care for your patients. This includes being able to access important information such as lab results, diagnostic imaging, and medication lists, which can help to prevent errors and improve patient outcomes.

In addition, participating in an HIE can also help you to meet regulatory requirements and comply with meaningful use standards, as well as improve patient satisfaction by reducing the need for duplicate tests and procedures.

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