Benefits of Telehealth

Many practices are implementing Telehealth programs, and it’s no wonder why. The benefits of telehealth are many, and it’s a win/win for both patients and providers. Let’s take a look at the benefits you can expect to see if you implement telehealth in your practice.

For Patients

Telehealth has a number of benefits for patients, many of which center on a greater level of convenience for their care:

• Elimination of travel lowers costs, both in time and money: By virtually attending a doctor’s visit, patients save money on transportation costs. Additionally, when getting to the appointment simply means logging in, the patient is able to take less time out of their schedule.

• Options to see a provider on-demand: With more and more practices offering Telehealth services, it’s more likely that patients can see their own provider via video conferencing. Even if that isn’t an option, there are lots of other options online to allow a patient in need to see a provider at the moment they need to do so. While not all conditions can be treated this way, there is a number that can be, and this is much more convenient for a patient than trying to figure out when they can get to their doctor’s office or paying for an urgent care visit.

• Increased access to specialists: Most people have been in the situation at least once where their primary care provider has told them that they need to be seen by a specialist, only to find out that the specialist is located a long-distance away. Telehealth makes it possible for your provider to get you the best care without the burden of travel.

• Less waiting: Providers do their best to get to each patient in a timely manner, but we all know how busy medical practices are. Patients are regularly left waiting in the waiting room, only to then be taken to an exam room for more waiting. By using Telehealth, that waiting is eliminated. BENEFITS OF TELEHEALTH

For Providers

Benefits to Telehealth for providers typically center around work satisfaction and improvements to workflow:

• Greater provider satisfaction: Telehealth can make it easier to see patients, allowing providers to better manage their work/life balance, which leads to a more satisfied provider.

• Improved clinical workflow: Telehealth can streamline how patient complaints are captured as well as facilitate more efficient care prioritization and treatment.

• Provide immediate access to patient data: When telehealth is implemented effectively, particularly when patients are engaged through remote patient monitoring, providers are able to almost instantaneously access patient health data. This data can then provide the clinician with a detailed overall picture of the patient’s health, allowing for more effective care delivery.

• More efficient management of a greater patient load: Providers are expected to see a larger number of patients in today’s healthcare landscape. By leveraging the power of Telehealth, providers can better manage their time as they work to interact with and treat such a large number of patients.

• Increased reimbursement: Telehealth can enable providers to see more patients and provide more services than they otherwise would have been able to, and billing for these additional virtual visits and services increases the amount of reimbursement that provider will see, thus improving the practice’s bottom line. BENEFITS OF TELEHEALTH

Telehealth makes seeing the doctor more convenient for patients and makes seeing a lot of patients more efficient for doctors. Clearly it’s a win/win. If you’re ready to implement this exciting new program in your practice, look no further than medpod. Medpod integrates proprietary Telehealth software with professional medical and laboratory devices that are absolutely best-in-class in order to provide groundbreaking telediagnostics with real time active polling and transmission of patient clinical data. With the ability to choose the level of Telehealth you wish to implement in your practice, medpod is the right solution for your practice, no matter where you are in your telehealth journey.

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