What is Patient Communication?

Patient communication is how medical practices and patients interact to discuss everything from appointment logistics to clinical symptoms. Traditionally, providers and patients connect by phone call, email, or patient portal. These methods result in endless phone tag, long hold times, low patient adoption, and information security concerns. They’re not efficient for practices, nor are they convenient for patients.

Why is Patient Communication Important?

96% of patient complaints in online reviews are about customer service and, specifically, communication. Being easy to interact with throughout the patient’s journey is no longer optional for competitive medical practices. At the same time, practices cannot be overwhelmed with administrative burden. Best-in-class patient communication platforms enable practices to provide patients with the convenient experience they demand while making their operations more efficient. Offerings such as HIPAA-compliant text messaging, telemedicine, team collaboration, and automated outreach work together to drive higher patient satisfaction and practice productivity.

SolutionsHub Can Help.

At Henry Schein SolutionsHub, we understand how important it is to offer patients an easy way to reach your practice without sacrificing operational efficiency. That’s why we’ve worked tirelessly to search out and vet the best possible solutions for your team to partner with so you increase your patient satisfaction, streamline your workflows, and as a result—grow your patient volume.

Patient Communication Solutions for Your Growing Practice