What is credentialing & contracting?

Credentialing refers to the process of a clinician undergoing a background check with an insurance payer in order to verify that provider’s education and licensing to practice medicine. Contracting, which takes place once credentialing is completed, involves a clinician signing onto an agreement with an insurance payer under which the provider will be reimbursed for services rendered to patients covered by that insurance company.

Why is credentialing & contracting important?

Without having undergone credentialing & contracting with a given insurance payer, a provider cannot receive reimbursement from that payer. For obvious reasons this is detrimental to the practice financially. Additionally, a provider cannot be considered to be “in-network” for an insurance payer without having undergone that payer’s credentialing and contracting process. As many patients refuse to see providers outside of their insurance plan’s network due to the additional cost they face when doing so, this has the capacity to greatly diminish a practice’s potential patient population.

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