What is practice marketing?

With the advent of internet marketing, relying on referrals is no longer a viable way to meet your growth goals. Effectively marketing a medical practice takes time, insight, and an adaptive mind.

Practice marketing is the strategies a practice or agency uses to meaningfully target, attract, and keep patients. This process includes everything from market research, client support, public relations, and community involvement.

Marketing your medical practice is an ongoing pursuit that requires the right plan, people, and processes in place. That’s why our vendors leverage unique marketing models tailored to your growth goals.

Why is practice marketing important?

Ask yourself a question: is my practice profiting as it should be?

If the answer is anything other than a resounding yes –– it may be time to call in the experts.

Today’s patients are discerning. They don’t simply choose their doctors based on who their insurance company suggests. Instead, they do their own research.

Scanning websites and social media, poring over rating and review sites, they use all the tools available to them to find a reliable provider who exudes authority and makes them feel comfortable. Most of the time, they make this assumption of authority based on your online presence.

If you want to build trust with patients old and new, medical practice marketing is non-negotiable.

Healthcare providers with a strong medical practice marketing plan:

  • Attract new patients
  • Attract the right kind of patients
  • Boost their profits
  • Are more visible to potential patients
  • Enjoy stable growth

They see their business thrive while those who ignore the need for marketing find themselves struggling. To keep a full roster of patients, you must work with a specialized medical marketing agency that knows how to drive growth in today’s landscape.

Medical Practice Marketing Ideas

In the ever-evolving medical world, you need a long-term strategy to grow your practice over time. Our solutions merge the technical and the human to place you where you need to be to reinforce credibility.

Meaningful medical practice marketing ideas we help you implement include:

  • Building or improving a medical website
  • Starting a blog
  • Creating Facebook content
  • Posting on Twitter and Instagram
  • Leveraging patient reviews
  • Improving your SEO
  • Offering yourself as a source for journalists
  • Interacting with your community

The most crucial aspect to remember is to not put all your eggs in one basket. For the best return on your investment, you shouldn’t stick to just one strategy for your practice. From social media to community outreach –– our SolutionsHub partners know how to market a medical practice.

How to choose the best practice marketing vendor

Without the strategies and insight of a healthcare marketing vendor, your medical practice risks slowing, plateauing, or, worse, shrinking in the heat of competition. To set yourself up for stability and success, you must align yourself with a trustworthy agency.

As a launching point, use this checklist of the top four factors to consider when shopping for a medical practice marketing partner:

Digital experience

Online and digital capabilities are crucial. Does your prospective agency know how to leverage SEO for medical practices? Do they have a proven track record of launching clean, compelling websites? Do they know how to help you dominate the local searches?

Healthcare industry experience

Don’t assume “marketing is marketing.” Marketing a medical practice is no feat for those without expert industry knowledge. As a highly personal service, your vendor should have a deep understanding of how to communicate to the patient public and position you in a potential client’s path.


Rember, you’re investing in results. Whether that’s getting help with reputation management or getting more reviews for your practice –– your medical marketing vendor should present you with a meaningful and measurable strategy that is set to satisfy both long and short-term goals.

Knowledge of market trends and competition

Does the medical marketing vendor understand the local landscape’s obstacles and advantages? Have they worked in your niche? Have a discussion about trends and disruptions in the marketplace to determine their readiness to adapt and evolve your marketing strategy.

The bottom line

Seeking a healthcare marketing partner can be a challenging and confusing process. Henry Schein SolutionsHub takes the stress out of the search and guides you to the right solution for your practice. High-converting patient leads, no-nonsense marketing, a stable and scalable practice. We check all these boxes and more.

SolutionsHub can help.

At Henry Schein SolutionsHub, we understand how essential practice marketing is to your practice’s longevity and profitability. We also understand how time-consuming it can be. To make your search a bit easier, we have tirelessly sought out and carefully vetted the very best practice marketing partners. When you leverage Henry Schein SolutionsHub, you find expert agencies ready to augment your practice with a strong practice marketing strategy that makes your community aware of everything your practice has to offer.

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