Why Join SolutionsHub

Henry Schein SolutionsHub brings healthcare providers industry leading technologies and companies that will help them clinically, financially and operationally. With healthcare rapidly changing, we’ve designed a portfolio that brings our customers partners to alleviate their pain points enabling them to provide the best possible care to their patients. Having a sales force of over 400 strong, leveraging the Henry Schein brand and our marketing channels, we’re able to deliver our solutions to more than 100,000 physicians. Our mission is to continue bringing value to our customers in a consultative way.

How we're structured

With extensive voice of customer work, we’ve developed our portfolio into 3 core pillar of care delivery. Clinical, Financial and Operational. Within these categories we have multiple areas that impact our care providers. Our goal is continue being a one stop healthcare shop transforming our customers so they can focus on providing optimal care to their patients.

What we're looking for

Best in class technology, platforms designed for scalable adoption, a responsive team, willingness to partner with our sales leaders and SolutionsHub team, creative and thoughtful approach to our customers. These are the characteristics we’re looking for when we adding partners to our portfolio.