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Webinar Recap: Medical Waste Efficiency with MedPro

Description: Proper waste management is critical to every medical practice. Learn how MedPro can keep your practice compliant and through small adjustments can save you money! Speaker: Tyler Hansen Bio: A native of Chicago, Tyler has been with MedPro for eight years, he started out as an account executive and now is a sales manager....

Patient Consumerism and Your Practice : How this Changes Things

INTRODUCTION Patient attitudes have been shifting toward a more active, consumer-driven approach for several years now. As a result of this shift, practices have had to make changes in how they interact with their patients, centering more on the patient’s needs and preferences than ever before. While this should have positive outcomes overall, the undertaking...

Cyberattacks; Are you Prepared to Lose Everything

Cyber attacks in healthcare can be damaging to both your practice and patients. Imagine arriving at your office and discovering that 100% of your computers are encrypted with ransomware. You contact your IT company and they say, “we have a major problem.” This continues to be a growing problem in the healthcare industry. We’ll talk...

Medpod Selects Smartlink Health as their Integration Partner for Telemedicine Solution

Electronic Health Record integrations are now being completed successfully in a matter of weeks August 31, 2021 12:34 PM Eastern Daylight Time NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Medpod, Inc. today announced that it is using Smartlink Health Solutions to integrate the Medpod telemedicine platform with its customers’ Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems. Since switching to Smartlink, Medpod’s EHR integrations...

Webinar Recap: Five Questions to Ask When Evaluating a Patient Payment Solution

With the continued rise of high-deductible health plans, and patient self-pay representing upwards of 30-40% of a provider organization’s revenue, it’s mission critical to modernize the collection strategy beyond paper statements, phone calls, and patient portals. Here’s five questions you need to ask when evaluating your patient self-pay collections approach. Speaker Jeb Burrows: VP of...

Webinar Recap: Your Financial Health, A Conversation around Revenue Cycle Management

It’s difficult and costly to get appropriately compensated for the services you perform for your patients. You can’t collect payments as efficiently or effectively as you want, hurting revenues and margins. You need to gain insights to identify and resolve revenue and efficiency gaps, improve the patient experience, and increase the quality of care. Want...

The Business of Medicine eBook

A guide that explores 5 key areas to running the most efficient and effective practice from a business standpoint. The prime focus of a medical practice is caring for patients and providing the best clinical care, but in order to successfully provide patient care, a medical practice must come to terms with what it really is—a...

Webinar Recap: Build & Bolster Your Employee Brand, Sourcing & Retaining Healthcare Talent in 2021

Hiring in healthcare is difficult right now to say the least. The pandemic compounded existing challenges creating an environment where the same old hiring practices simply aren’t cutting it. Who hasn’t experienced the pains of staff burnout and turnover? Healthcare offices must strive constantly to find and retain high-quality staff who are ready to tackle...

Webinar Recap: Medpod…The Scalable Telemedicine Platform

Our host Todd Stack will discuss how you can “Change How and Where you can Provide Care” Built to provide a true telediagnostic platform, Medpod allows you to scale from software-based language translation and video visits to level 5 billable episodic tele-diagnostics encounters and capture ongoing chronic RPM data. This webinar will provide an overview...

Webinar Recap: Keeping Patients Healthy Between Office Visits & Get Reimbursed with Remote Patient Monitoring

Healthcare has changed dramatically in the past year. There are new market entrants, increased competition, and the pandemic forced many people to seek care virtually. More than 70% of people reported high satisfaction with telehealth and indicated that they want to use virtual care after COVID-19 is over. Carium empowers healthcare practices like yours to...

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