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A-S Medications

Medication Adherence

A-S Medication Solutions is a turnkey pharmaceuticals solution that includes physician dispensing of prepackaged medications, mail order and retail pharmacy card programs to build customized, easy to use and fully compliant programs to meet the needs of every practice

athenaHealth (EHR)

Practice Management/EHR

athenahealth offers a suite of network-enabled services that form the IT backbone of a healthcare practice. Services include patient scheduling, billing, encounter charting, and data analytics that work seamlessly to deliver the best clinical and financial outcomes.

athenahealth (RCM)

Revenue Cycle Management

athenahealth Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solutions integrate both front-end and back-office knowledge and support into the practice workflow including tasks such as patient scheduling, claims submission and tracking, and researching and implementing real-time updates to payer rules.


Surgery Case Communication

Casetabs is a cloud-based surgery coordination app that shares real-time case updates with facility staff, physicians, outside offices, and vendor representatives to improve communication and patient satisfaction.

Catalyst Consulting

Billing and Coding Continuing Education Credentialing Contracting

CATALYST is a consulting firm that is focused on helping start-up practices in all phases of their business and existing practices in optimizing their financial performance. CATALYST provides outsourced credentialing and contracting services using healthcare contract specialists that employ a hands-on, process-driven approach.

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Our team of Solutions Consultants are standing by to help you find the best partners to keep your practice running efficiently.

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CueSquared MobilePay

Patient Payments


Digital Diabetes Care

The GlucoMe Digital Diabetes Clinic (DDC) is a diabetes-specialized, cloud-based virtual clinic for healthcare professionals.


Emergency Medical Management

HealthFirst delivers Crash Cart Automation Replenishment (CCAR) for practices and drives realized savings, reduces waste, and offers unit-dose medication ordering. The CCAR program also leverages OnTraq technology. This online compliance and account management tool help minimize compliance risk and automates all crash cart needs.

HealthFirst Environmental

Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal

HealthFirst Environmental provides healthcare facilities with economical and convenient waste mail-back alternatives to costly land-based pickup services. Our specially packaged mail-back solutions for healthcare waste streams (such as regulated medical waste, pharmaceutical waste & lead waste) ensure compliance with all applicable regulations for the shipment and processing of these waste streams. All HealthFirst customers receive complimentary access to online waste..

Henry Schein Financial Services

Financial Services

Henry Schein Financial Services (HSFS) offers a portfolio of financial tools and business solutions designed to help a practice increase revenue, reduce expenses, and improve operating efficiency. Our products and services include project and practice financing, equipment and technology financing/leasing, working capital loans, Henry Schein credit card, and credit card processing solutions.

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