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triValence – Health Payments Ecosystem

Supply Chain Management

An intuitive procurement and payment platform

Sharps Management

Medical Waste Disposal

Sharps and Medical Waste Mailback Disposal Services by HealthFirst Environmental



Medpod unites hardware and software to deliver a renowned 360° telehealth experience


Practice Marketing

Enhancing your practices digital footprint and increasing brand awareness


Chronic Disease Management Clinical Decision Support Remote Patient Monitoring Telehealth

Integrated Clinical Management Platform for RPM, CCM, PROs and CDS

RevOps Health

Billing and Coding Revenue Cycle Management

RevOps Health helps providers get paid for their work

Qr8 Cognition Suite™

Behavioral Health Clinical Decision Support

Qr8’s Cognition Suite™ software enables reimbursable, high-quality cognitive assessment that is designed for the primary care clinician.


Supply Chain Management

Simplified Supply Chain Management is Here with CORMAX

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More than 7,000 healthcare providers rely on Henry Schein Hub to select the clinical, financial, and operational solutions that power their practice.


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Our team of Solutions Consultants are standing by to help you find the best partners to keep your practice running efficiently.

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HealthFirst® UVC Light Disinfection

Infection Control

Innovative UV solution provides protection against contaminants, including SARS-CoV-21, in the air without time and occupancy constraints.


Supply Chain Management

A total vaccine inventory management system with AccuShelf


Infection Control

ActivePure Medical Guardian continuously produces and propels molecules into occupied spaces where they reduce airborne pathogens


Home Health

Convenient and comprehensive home delivery service connecting patients to their supplies via their physician


Infection Control

Clean and disinfect (virus,bacteria,germs) surfaces while providing long term surface protection


Remote Patient Monitoring Telehealth

A clean, mobile friendly and scalable digital platform to manage chronic care.

NYM Health

Billing and Coding Revenue Cycle Management

Nym transforms revenue cycle management by fully automating the medical coding process.

A-S Medications

Medication Adherence

Improve practice revenue, patient outcome and patient experience with an easy to use pharmaceutical program.

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