Focus on your patients.
We’ll handle the rest.


More than 7,000 healthcare providers rely on Henry Schein Hub to select the clinical, financial, and operational solutions that power their practice.


Solutions are evaluated, packaged, and supported by clinical and technology experts who understand the unique demands of healthcare.


Our peer reviewed software and solutions are seamless to implement, and will help your practice run more effectively and efficiently.

Do I really need financial healthcare solutions?

In a word, yes. Medical practices face a great deal of unique challenges financially, particularly in today’s healthcare landscape where consumerism among patients has completely transformed everything from how patients choose a provider, to how medical bills are getting paid. The main focus of your practice should be on your patients’ health, but you need to keep your bottom line strong to be there for your patients. This is where the power of SolutionsHub comes in.

Why should I choose SolutionsHub?

At Henry Schein, we understand the healthcare industry. We know the challenges you face and we’ve tirelessly sought the best partners to help with each potential pain point your practice is facing. At SolutionsHub, we don’t partner with a healthcare solution unless we are absolutely certain they can deliver and exceed expectations for our customers.

How do I get started?

Our team of experts is ready to help you explore our partners and choose those who will serve your practice best. Prefer to browse on your own first? Take a look around our site to see what we have to offer. We’ll be there when you’re ready to chat.