What are telehealth services?

Telemedicine, or telehealth, is a term coined to describe remote health monitoring, and more pertinently, the technological integration that enables this monitoring. But to Henry Schein, it means so much more. It means empowerment, equality, and delivering outcomes that benefit the health economies and individual patients who need it most.

To make quality telehealth available for more medical practices, we carefully searched for and vetted telehealth solutions providers that exceed patient expectations and adapt seamlessly with your current office technology.

Why is telehealth important?

Telehealth has officially moved from the fringes of healthcare to the forefront, and it’s here to stay. Don’t allow your medical practice to get left behind. With the help of Henry Schein SolutionsHub, you can now increase healthcare access and grow your practice remotely. 

Telehealth services have several benefits for both your patients and your practice, many of which center around added convenience for both parties. Telehealth allows patients to have greater opportunities to schedule appointments with the specialty providers they need to see while also allowing your medical practice to work at peak efficiency and earn increased reimbursement.

More benefits include: 

  • Improves patient engagement 
  • Improves clinical workflow 
  • Reduces practice overhead 
  • Reduces patient no-show rate
  • Cuts patient costs
  • Improves patient satisfaction

What is included in telehealth?

There are several telehealth solutions, the most common being virtual home healthcare. In virtual home health care, patients who are elderly or chronically ill are able to receive your healthcare guidance without having to leave the comfort of their home.

As an umbrella term, telehealth can also include monitoring a patient’s vital signs, ECG, or blood pressure. Remote doctor-patient consultations regarding both medical and physical health are known as telemedicine.

Working with a telehealth technology provider enables you to evaluate and diagnose your patients remotely. Healthcare professionals who offer telehealth solutions can also detect fluctuations in a patient’s medical condition at home so that they can address the treatment plan with immediacy. Telehealth solutions also allow you to e-prescribe medications to patients.

How to choose the best telehealth solutions provider

Improving your medical practice with telehealth services is non-negotiable. However, finding the best SaaS product for your practice is a bit less clear-cut. With so many options on the market, you need a partner who can guide you to a streamlined, frictionless telehealth solution.

When choosing a telehealth company, you must search for these attributes:


To successfully implement an enduring telehealth solution, you need a provider that can create a program fully tailored to your practice’s obstacles. You must choose a vendor who is willing to listen to your needs and understand what your requirements for success are.

Makes the process easy for patients

Since telehealth is relatively new to some patients, making them feel comfortable and engaged is paramount. Work with a telehealth services provider who has experience onboarding and explaining the process to patients for the best results.

Makes the process easy for you

To ensure your telehealth solutions integrate effortlessly with your staff and existing technologies, a good partner will train you. A quality telehealth provider will also work with you to choose a system that blends with your current workflow.

Can scale with you

Your practice is set to expand. Can your telehealth provider keep up? When selecting a telehealth vendor, you must pick a company with the capacity to scale your telehealth program to your future needs and the longevity to see their service through.

The bottom line

In a newly crowded marketplace, seeking a telehealth services vendor can be a challenging process. At Henry Schein SolutionsHub, we have our fingers on the pulse of telemedicine integration, innovation, and technology. Grow and expand your practice when you allow us to take the reins and partner you with a reliable telehealth provider.

SolutionsHub can help.

At Henry Schein SolutionsHub, we understand the importance of telehealth. We also understand that getting started with telehealth can feel intimidating. This is why we’ve researched and vetted numerous vendors to find the best possible partner to aid your practice in its telehealth journey. Reach out today to learn more.

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