What are practice management and EHR?

Practice management software deals with the daily operations of a medical practice, allowing for the capture of patient demographics, scheduling appointments, coding and billing, and pulling of reports. EHR, or Electronic Health Records, is essentially a digital version of a patient’s chart, containing the patient’s medical history, diagnoses, medications, allergies, immunizations, visit documentation, and lab results.

Why are practice management and EHR important?

Practice management and EHR software allow for the efficient operation of a medical practice, as well as necessary reporting for regulatory programs. A good EHR will have the interoperability necessary to allow for seamless continuity of care. A good practice management software will facilitate coding and billing in the most efficient way possible. These software solutions are, essentially, the backbone of an efficient, thriving medical practice.

SolutionsHub can help.

At Henry Schein SolutionsHub, we know that the modern medical practice needs the best possible software solutions. We understand how important it is for a practice to be matched with a practice management software and EHR that enhances their existing workflow and streamlines their practice. This is why we’ve carefully evaluated and vetted numerous software solutions to bring you the absolute best vendors as partners. We are confident that our practice management and EHR solutions will keep your practice running more smoothly than ever, allowing you to focus more on your patients and less on your technology.

Practice Management EHR solutions for your growing practice

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