What is Remote Patient Monitoring?

Remote Patient Monitoring, often identified as RPM, collects medical and health data from patients located outside of a medical facility using digital technologies such as wearable devices to transmit that information to providers securely for the purpose of monitoring as assessing their health. Through the use of RPM, physicians can monitor data such as weight, vital signs, blood oxygen levels, blood sugar, and heart rate without requiring an in-person visit. In doing so, providers are able to get a much clearer overall picture of their patients’ health status, rather than the disjointed snapshots that providers have typically had access to based upon the frequency with which patients come in for appointments. With the use of dashboards and advanced algorithms, providers will be alerted of when action is needed.

Why is Remote Patient Monitoring important?

Remote Patient Monitoring allows patients to have better access to the care they need, as well as an improved quality of care. This is achieved by allowing for clinicians to provide a higher quality of care without adding to their already heavy workloads. RPM is a game changer for patients and providers, alike, as it both eases physician burnout and improves patient health outcomes, simultaneously.

SolutionsHub can help.

At Henry Schein SolutionsHub, we understand how important it is for providers to be able to monitor their patients’ conditions, as well as the time constraints that can make such monitoring difficult. And we know that Remote Patient Monitoring is the ideal solution to allow clinicians to provide the kind of care their patients need without adding to their risk of burnout. This is why we have researched and vetted vendors to find the best possible partner for your practice to be able to implement RPM and begin seeing the amazing benefits for your providers and patients firsthand.

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