How CCM aids in Caring for Diabetic Patients

Chronic Care Management aids in caring for diabetic Patients

Chronic Care Management (CCM) has become something of a buzz phrase in recent years in the healthcare industry, largely because of new technology that allows for more concentrated care for chronically ill patients in a more efficient manner. Diabetes is one chronic illness that can benefit greatly from the use of CCM, allowing for improved patient outcomes, lowered costs, and less physician burnout. Let’s explore how CCM is useful for patients living with diabetes.

What are the potential complications for patients with diabetes?

The reason continual care is so important for patients living with diabetes is because there are a number of complications that can arise if the condition of these patients isn’t consistently monitored. These potential issues include skin complications such as bacterial and fungal infections, itching, and diabetic blisters, among others; eye complications such as glaucoma, cataracts, and retinopathy; nerve damage, also known as neuropathy; foot complications, such as skin changes, calluses, and foot ulcers; diabetic ketoacidosis; kidney disease; high blood pressure; and stroke. Obviously this all sounds very concerning, but the good news is that with adequate treatment and a lifestyle that is designed to carefully manage diabetes, many diabetics are able to prevent, or at least delay the onset of, these complications.

How can Chronic Care Management help in caring for patients with diabetes?

Obviously, one of the biggest pieces of living with diabetes is making sure to control blood glucose levels. The use of chronic care management can aid in this task. The first way is, clearly, by using CCM to promote medication adherence, but it’s also important to engage diabetic patients in other methods to control their blood glucose level. Education regarding diabetes and ways to mitigate symptoms can be transmitted through CCM applications to keep patients engaged and knowledgeable about their condition and how best to manage it. CCM can also be used to help diabetic patients to implement positive lifestyle changes that promote better care management. Some specific tasks that can be accomplished through CCM include maintaining a blood glucose log and monitoring changes, setting a weight loss goal, encouraging exercise, holding patients accountable to taking their medication as needed, and aiding with dietary changes. Through the use of CCM, all of this support can be available 24/7, allowing patients to feel less alone in their illness. This, too, is important for positive health outcomes.

Another area where CCM is helpful for diabetic patients is in regards to preventing complications and other related conditions. It’s estimated that at least 68% of diabetics age 65 and older die from some form of heart disease, while 16% die of stroke. This is why diabetes is considered by the American Heart Association to be one of seven major controllable risk factors for heart disease. For this reason, it’s important for CCM to also be used to ensure patient compliance with cholesterol screenings and other maintenance meant to reduce the risk of heart conditions. Because heart disease is only one of the complications that patients with diabetes are at risk for, CCM should also be used to ensure that patients are paying attention for skin changes, having their regular eye exams, and monitoring for symptoms of the various other conditions that can arise as a result of uncontrolled diabetes. With these efforts, devastating consequences of complications, such as blindness, amputation, and of course death, can be avoided.

What is GlucoMe and how is it the ideal solution for CCM and diabetes

GlucoMe’s Glucose Digital Diabetes Clinic (DDC) is a cloud-based virtual clinic specialized to deal with diabetes. The DDC sets the new standard for digital diabetes care with ongoing data analysis that generates effective insights that automates prioritization and management of patients without them having to be in the doctor’s office. GlucoMe’s DDC seamlessly integrates with EMR systems and collects accurate, timely data from patients through GlucoMe’s Mobile App. This is a true end-to-end digital diabetes management solution, proven to increase patient engagement and compliance. Implementation of GlucoMe is quick and simple, making it easy for providers to streamline patient management while also saving time and reducing care costs.

Diabetes can certainly bring some intimidating complications with it, but with appropriate management of each patient’s condition, these complications can be kept at bay. Thanks to today’s chronic care management technology, like GlucoMe, providers can provide the kind of continual care that keeps diabetic patients safe efficiently, while also keeping care costs down. Are you ready to take the next step in treating your diabetic patients? Visit or call 933-433-2482 for more information on GlucoMe or to get started.