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Healthcare is changing and it’s now more important than ever to run an efficient practice. With technology continually evolving, there are now a number of solutions out there to help your practice run as efficiently as possible without increasing the pressure on your staff. Henry Schein SolutionsHub is here to find the best possible services for your practice to partner with in order to keep up with the ever-changing requirements of healthcare today.

SolutionsHub: A Marketplace on the Forefront of Healthcare

The healthcare industry today looks very different from the healthcare industry of the past. As technology has become more ubiquitous, the possibilities for applying that technology to make a greater impact on patient health outcomes have grown. With this increase in technology has come the advent of big data, and all of that data has taught us a great deal about what providing outstanding patient care actually means. This has driven a great deal of changes in healthcare, one of which being the increase in telemedicine. Telemedicine has been gaining prominence with more and more practices implementing or seeking to implement telemedicine programs. This is a win-win for practices because telemedicine allows providers to manage their ever growing patient population in a more efficient manner, while also giving patients what they want in the form of more convenient doctor’s visits. Additionally, the reimbursement models for telemedicine have greatly improved and they are continuing to do so. Even a few years ago, it was difficult to determine how a provider could get paid for visits conducted remotely. It’s now easier than ever to be paid for telemedicine, with many payers now reimbursing for telemedicine services at a level that’s on par with comparable in-office visits.

Another significant change in the healthcare industry that is driving the necessity to find solid technological tools to implement in your practice is the impact of the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA) and the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), and the transition from fee for service to value-based payment schedules. When it comes to reimbursement the focus is now squarely on improving patient health outcomes, as it rightly should be. Tools that help providers look at a patient’s health picture as a whole and find the best possible treatment plans for the patient are important to the success of a practice in today’s healthcare landscape. Under value-based reimbursement, the goal is the best possible health outcome for the best value. This has brought about an increased focus on programs such as Chronic Care Management (CCM) and remote patient monitoring that allow providers to keep track of their patients’ conditions and health status in a cost-effective way. Simply put, quantity of procedures no longer positively impacts reimbursement. You’re no longer getting paid for what you do as much as you are being paid for the consequences of what you’ve done. Technology plays a large role in closely monitoring your patients, determining the best treatment plans, and improving their health and therefore your practice’s reimbursement levels.

With these changes to the healthcare industry, SolutionsHub has worked to make our website a one-stop resource center to educate our clients on what is available to your practice and how these offerings can help you to maximize patient care.

SolutionsHub Providers

We know that medical practices are busy and don’t have the time to sift through potential partners to find the best fit. That’s why SolutionsHub does this work for you, carefully vetting each potential partner before they become an official offering and ensuring that we only offer what we deem the best in class solutions. We conduct thorough research on every company that we consider for SolutionsHub, and while we are going through this process we make sure to remember that every customer is unique and requires a tailored solution. For this reason, we offer multiple solutions in the same category in a number of instances because, just as all medical practices are not created equal, all practices will not see success with the same partners.

We also know that it’s of primary importance that anyone your practice decides to partner with understands the intricacies of the healthcare field. This is why we ensure that each solution has experts and specialists in the area of healthcare that their focus lies. You can rest assured that your partners will understand your specific needs and how best to meet them. This specialized expertise will help to take your practice to the next level, making sure that your investment is worthwhile.

Finally, we ensure that the solutions we offer are scalable and able to not only meet your practice’s needs now, but also grow along with your practice as those needs change. One-size-fits-all solutions don’t exist, and when they are attempted, they often don’t work. Each of our solutions will be able to start your practice off according to what you need now, while also being prepared to adjust services should the need arise later.

Keeping your practice running efficiently has never been more important than it is right now. SolutionsHub is your go-to partner in finding the resources that will keep your office running smoothly and increasing in revenue. We offer solutions for clinical, operational, and financial needs, all using partners who have been carefully vetted and deemed to be the best in class solutions in their areas of focus. Each solution has experts and specialists in their healthcare area of focus and all are scalable to grow with your practice and its needs. Are you ready to allow SolutionsHub to help get your practice running as efficiently as possible? Visit henryscheinsolutionshub.com or call 833-433-2482 for more information or to get started.