What is SCT? Henry Schein Supply Chain Technology

Without the proper supplies, your practice can’t be effective in its focus of providing outstanding care to your patients. This is why it’s so important to have a partner who can make your ordering process efficient and streamlined, like Henry Schein Supply ChainTechnologies.

The Problem

It can be challenging to adequately manage supplies in medical practice. The process of ordering, receiving, and managing inventory can involve many different staff members, and practices are busy enough without having to spend a large amount of time trying to coordinate staff in order to take inventory of what’s needed and place a complete order. Waiting on such coordination can delay the process and lead to gaps in available supplies. Additionally, too often the ordering process involves either lots of paperwork or technology that’s less than intuitive. This isn’t a very good choice as medical practices don’t have time for either option. Basically, the ordering process, as it’s traditionally occurred, can be cumbersome and quite the pain point for practices, being the source of many headaches and lots of frustration.

The Solution

Henry Schein, through our years of expertise and our outstanding technology, is able to optimize the process of requisitioning, ordering, receiving, and reconciling invoices in order to increase automation and improve practice efficiency in the area of supply orders. We can help you complete your ordering in a more efficient way, saving you time and money and eliminating the concern that you might run out of important supplies or place an incomplete order, leading to problems in the practice.

Henry Schein’s Supply Chain Technology experts are available to all of our customers, offering tools to help your practice better manage your supply ordering process. We offer an Inventory Management Best Practices Guide designed to help you optimize, automate, and standardize your process. This gives your practice adequate guidance to streamline your supply ordering process to reduce headaches and hiccups. Our website also offers industry-leading Inventory Management functionality ranging from basic to advanced to fit your practice’s specific needs. Finally, we have a specialized pharmaceutical Inventory Management platform that features security controls to allow for the safe ordering of pharmaceutical supplies so that your practice can safely keep an adequate inventory of pharmaceutical supplies without having to utilize a separate service provider, saving you valuable time.

Maintaining an adequate inventory of medical and pharmaceutical supplies is integral to keeping your practice operating as necessary. The process can be time-consuming and frustrating, but with the help of Henry Schein Supply Chain Technology, it doesn’t have to be. We can help you streamline your ordering process to reduce headaches and ensure that you always have what you need on hand. Are you ready to learn more? Visit henryscheinsolutionshub.com or call 833-433-2482 for more information or to start ordering more efficiently today.