Patient Consumerism and Your Practice : How this Changes Things

Patient attitudes have been shifting toward a more active, consumer-driven approach
for several years now. As a result of this shift, practices have had to make changes
in how they interact with their patients, centering more on the patient’s needs and
preferences than ever before. While this should have positive outcomes overall, the
undertaking itself can feel overwhelming when just getting started.

In this eBook, we will explore patient consumerism and what it means for the average
practice. We’ll start by defining patient consumerism and exploring its causes and
effects. We’ll then look at the shifts your practice should make in light of consumerism,
before finishing with an overview of the tools you should implement in your practice
for various points in the patient journey. When we’ve finished, you should understand
how patient consumerism is likely to affect your practice and what you can do to
succeed in this environment. Let’s get started.

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