Webinar Recap: How to Create a Safe, Contactless Waiting Room Post Covid

Henry Schein SolutionsHub brings you the second of its five-part webinar series for Reimagining Care Delivery. Join Yosi Health on Key Strategies for Creating a Contactless Waiting Room Post Covid.
Our Host Hari Prasad, Founder & CEO of Yosi Health will cover:
  • Why is it now an optimal time to implement key strategies
  • How to drive patient adoption with at-home services
  • Key Benefits of a fully contactless waiting rooms
About the webinar, in detail:
Most practices were not fully prepared to handle patients in the waiting areas during Covid. Traditionally it involved patients waiting next to each other, touching surfaces like clipboards, pens, kiosks etc. The pandemic created the urgency for care centers to go fully contactless. Discuss strategies to get more than 80% patients to fully Check-in prior to arrival.