HealthFirst delivers Crash Cart Automation Replenishment (CCAR) for practices and drives realized savings, reduces waste, and offers unit-dose medication ordering. The CCAR program also leverages OnTraq technology. This online compliance and account management tool help minimize compliance risk and automates all crash cart needs.


A 2017 survey of medical professionals identified four major challenges in crash cart medication maintenance:

  • RISK – Without proper cart maintenance, necessary medications might not be available in the event of an emergency.
  • PROCESS – It’s difficult to manage the contents and status of multiple crash carts.
  • TIME – Manually checking and ordering medications isn’t efficient for clinic staff members.
  • COST – Most individuals surveyed had little knowledge of actual costs

Not only could someone’s life be in danger, but the organization could face high-risk exposure. After all, crash cart preparedness isn’t optional. It’s a directive from the Joint Commission for accreditation.



HealthFirst mitigates risk by implementing an automated crash cart management system
HealthFirst OnTraq automates tracking of the expiration dates and replenishes the needed pharmaceuticals
The status of each medication by name, NDC, and expiration date are available online anytime with OnTraq
Backordered or unavailable items automatically flagged and substitutes/alternatives are provided where applicable
Reduce overall expenditure by only ordering by unit-dose vs in bulk

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