Medpod is a telemedicine platform that comes in highly versatile configurations including a cloud based version without devices and complete units deployed in a suitcase, standalone cart, or a mobile facility.


Conduct “virtual” video encounters anytime, anywhere

Any Device

Connect with patients remotely using any smartphone, tablet, or computer


No installation or integration required


Help comply with HIPAA requirements


Meets reimbursement requirements for COVID-19 visits


Increased administrative and regulatory burdens associated with Value Based Care have resulted in decreased practice revenue and physician burnout.  Furthermore, healthcare providers lack an efficient and convenient care delivery model that balances quality outcomes with the cost to achieve those outcomes.

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The Ultimate Portable Practice


Transform any environment into a clinical care setting – from House calls to Hospital-at-Home. This robust carry-on-bag disrupts traditional care delivery creating new pathways that reduce costs, and improve convenience and patient outcomes.

Provider access through web browser – no software to install.


Transform Care Delivery

Medical Cart Series

Lite Cart

Our streamlined medical care enables high-quality, remote physician-patient encounters on par with a face-to-face visit, all with best-in-class telediagnostic devices.

Full Cart

For inbound patient applications, Mepod enables providers to break down the barriers of traditional care delivery and create new care pathways.

Provider access through web browser – no software to install.

Managing Chronic Care, Anywhere

  • Identify Patients
  • Develop RPM Care Plan
  • Monitor Patient Data
  • Prescribe Kits
  • Select RPM Service
  • Manage Alerts

Earning Potential

Earn more money while providing improved patient care with little to no extra work.


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Client Testimonials

  • ACA Telehealth Urgent Care Grant Survey: Caregivers reported that the Medpod MobileDoc reduced residents’ anxiety associated with urgent medical care in 93% of cases. Caregivers see that “individuals are more comfortable within the home residence” and think it’s “great, especially after hours, [that] residents get to stay in their PJ’s and don’t have to go outside to be evaluated. Residents recognize that being seen via the Medpod MobileDoc “prevent[s them] from wasting time in the [ER], which usually takes 5-6 hours.” Residents agree, with
82% reporting that they would always prefer to be seen via the Medpod MobileDoc over going to the ER or an urgent care center. Residents comment that they “don’t like going out to the doctor…and [they] like staying home and seeing the doctor on the screen.”
  • Dr. Jeffrey Schor, MD, MBA “The implications for what Medpod can do are enormous because that actually gives me the ability to do an exam on someone almost as if I was standing there. In some cases, I almost feel like the exam I can do is better than I can do in person. I can see rashes and other things with much more clarity, sometimes the lung sounds and heart sounds that I hear are better than if I’m listening with my own stethoscope, and that’s surprising to me. I didn’t expect to be able to feel that I could actually do some things better.”
  • Dr. James R. Powell, MD “Telemedicine is absolutely moving us to a more person-centered model of care. The technology helps me see and treat an individual wherever she is, and the systems make her records available no matter where I am. I can communicate with her other providers, which is better for her. We live in a society with such disjointed healthcare – and I see telemedicine closing some of the gaps and assisting in the solution to sustainable quality of care.”
  • Terri Seppala, Executive Director, Telehealth Associates, Inc. “Telemedicine that actually works! It is reliable and it is unlike any experience I’ve had other telemedicine solutions.”
  • Floyd Jones, Director of ReGenesis CHC “MedPod Translator is a lean method that saves time and money. It has both soft and hard cost savings.”

Integrated Solutions