90% of all patient treatment plans require a pharmaceutical solution

While pharmaceuticals are often needed to treat a patient’s condition, patients don’t always adhere to those treatment plans for a variety of reasons. Issues ranging from inability to afford needed medications to the belief that the medications aren’t actually needed can keep a patient from complying with their care plan. This noncompliance can not only lead to diminished health outcomes for the patient, but increased health costs overall and a greater strain on the medical industry.

A-S Medications provides a full solution for all of your practice’s pharmaceutical needs. Bring your most in-demand service in-house using our onsite medication dispensing service, or meet your patients’ needs with prescription home delivery or pharmacy discount cards. Improve patient education on medications, increase access and convenience, and set your practice apart all while improving patient outcomes and satisfaction and driving ancillary revenue to your practice.

Onsite Dispensing

Save your patients time and see greater compliance while also brining in additional revenue by dispensing prescriptions right in your own practice

Prescription Home Delivery

Save money and eliminate the need for your patients to visit the pharmacy by delivering their prescriptions direct to their home

Pharmacy Discount Cards

Eliminate cost as a barrier to medication adherence by offering discount cards to reduce your patients’ burden

Onsite Dispensing

Improve medication compliance by dispensing prescriptions right in your own practice. Covering 90% of drugs prescribed, onsite dispensing is often the best solution for most specialties. By offering the convenience of receiving medication onsite, providers can increase patient satisfaction while also allowing their practice to receive valuable ancillary income.

  • Best patient compliance results
  • Highest patient satisfaction
  • Allows the practice to join the revenue stream
  • Covers 90%+ of drugs prescribed
  • Best solution for most specialties

Prescription Home Delivery

With 24/7 customer service and an app, Prescription Home Delivery is a great option to ensure your patients receive their needed prescriptions conveniently. Available in all states, this service bears no inventory holding costs, covers 98% of all drugs prescribed, and delivers those medications directly to your patient’s home. Your patients will appreciate the added convenience and health outcomes will improve as compliance increases.

  • Delivered to patient’s home
  • 24/7 Customer service and an app
  • Specialty programs available
  • No inventory holding costs
  • Available in all states
  • Covers 98%+ of all drugs prescribed

Pharmacy Discount Cards

The cost of prescription drugs represents a huge barrier to patient compliance. Eliminate this concern by offering retail and discount cards. These cards are available in all states and require no inventory holding cards. Additionally, they cover 100% of drugs prescribed, including acute and controlled medications.

  • Retail cards > Funded by employer or another payor
  • Discount cards > Patient Pays
  • Acute and controlled meds
  • No inventory holding costs
  • Available in all states
  • Covers 100% of drugs prescribed


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