MedPro provides healthcare practices with a transparent and low-cost alternative for properly managing, removing, and disposing of regulated medical and pharmaceutical waste.

MedPro provides healthcare practices with a transparent and low-cost alternative for properly managing, removing, and disposing of regulated medical and pharmaceutical waste.

You can get your shredding through MedPro Disposal! They offer both on and off-site HIPAA-Compliant document and data destruction services to help medical practices remain compliant before, during, and after the destruction of sensitive information. Whether you’re a current customer, or new to MedPro, you’ll love the ability to consolidate your vendors and invoices into one place with the same flat rate pricing you know from our medical waste services. Plus, you’ll be eligible for exclusive discounts for when you bundle your shredding services with your existing medical waste disposal service!


Medical Waste Disposal

Managing the pick up and destruction of medical and pharmaceutical waste is confusing and expensive.  Waste disposal contracts tend to include annual price increases and excessive surcharges.  Up until now, healthcare practices have not had a viable option to receive quality medical waste disposal for a reasonable price.

Secure Document Shredding

Businesses and especially health care practices, can often hold on to files and documents longer than needed. If these aren’t kept in a secure area, your business is at the risk of a data breach. A data breach will not only affect your business or practice but will destroy your reputation and put your patients or clients in harms way.



Medical Waste Disposal Solutions

  • MedPro’s disposal process is tailored to fit a practice’s specific needs.
  • MedPro schedules pick up service according to a practice’s desired schedule and provides a manifest along with proof of destruction.
  • MedPro pricing is set for a full year and excludes hidden fees such as fuel surcharges, regulatory fees, documentation fees, and stop fees among others.
  • MedPro offers secure document and data shredding on regularly scheduled intervals or a one-time purge.

OSHA Compliance Training

Compliance Trainers at MedPro are experts on OSHA, DOT, EPA and other regulations that practices must maintain certification for. MedPro works with medical practices and businesses to train staff members to properly handle and dispose of medical waste.

MedPro also provides a convenient online compliance portal that includes:

  • Easy to use Interface
  • Interactive Multimedia Training
  • Guaranteed up to date Regulatory Information
  • Advanced administration of to monitor staff training and certification

Sharps Disposal & Mailback Solutions

Over five and a half million healthcare workers that handle medical equipment such as needles, syringes, and scalpels are at risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens from sharps related injuries. MedPro provides best in class Sharps management solutions to keep patients and practices safe.

Secure Document and Data Destruction

MedPro Disposal offers access to both on and off-site, HIPAA-Compliant document and data destruction services to help medical practices remain compliant before, during, and after the destruction of sensitive information.

Document and data destruction with MedPro

  • Simple invoicing for bundling destruction with waste removal services
  • HIPPA-Compliant, secure, and safe solution that protects practices and patients
  • ISO and NAID AAA Certified

Secure Document Shredding Solutions

You’ll Save Time

With pre-scheduled services, you and your staff can place documents to be destroyed in secure receptacles instead of using slower office shredders that constantly jam and break.

You’ll Gain Peace of Mind

Unlike shredders from the office supply store, your documents and data sources are rendered completed destroyed beyond repair, so you’ll finally be free of worrying about someone accessing your records after disposal.

You’ll Stay Compliant

You’re provided a complete audit trail for all document shredding and storage services to remain HIPAA-compliant before, during, and after destruction.

You’ll Save Money

We pride ourselves on providing you premium service for an affordable rate, so you’ll never see unexpected charges or fees. Plus, when you bundle your shredding with your medical waste disposal, you’ll receive additional discounts from MedPro!

Available Services

  • Recurring Pickup Service: You’ll be amazed at the time and money you save with our scheduled shredding pickups, so stop feeding that old shredder and start tackling the tasks that keep your practice running smoothly.
  • One Time Purge: Has your office gone paperless? We can help you clear out all those old patient files and take back your office space.
  • Computer Hard Drive Destruction and Recycling: Whether you’ve upgraded your systems or hardware has failed you, we have a secure solution to handle all your e-waste properly. You can shred old hard drives, disks, and other data sources to keep your practice compliant and secure.

Client Testimonials

  • Macarthur B One of our doctors asked me to find a new medical waste disposal vendor because ours had just raised our rates again. I filled out a quote request online and within minutes our sales rep Mark gave me a phone call. That same day I had a new contract for all the same services but at almost half of what we were paying! I’m not sure what issues others are having with signing an agreement, but you sign something to get your regular trash picked up, why not your medical waste? At least this time our rates our locked in, unlike with our last company. Signing up was easy and we were able to schedule our 1st pickup so there was no lapse in service.
  • Lawrence C. I recently called to start brand new service to the business I work for. The agents I spoke with offered me service plans based on what my needs were, and not based on how much they could charge me. Everyone was friendly and courteous, and the response time between emails was quick. Thank you to those involved. I will may offer MedPro as a service our other sites could use.
  • Robin W. Changing to MedPro from Stericycle was extremely easy. I cannot believe the cost savings of at least 75K that we have missed out on annually!! Highly recommend getting a price comparison from MedPro.

Integrated Solutions