Managing supplies in a practice can be challenging, especially when ordering, receiving, and managing inventory involve many different staff members, manual paperwork, and/or cumbersome technology.



  • Henry Schein maintains a cadre of Supply Chain Technology (SCT) experts available to all customers.
  • Henry Schein offers an Inventory Management Best Practices Guide that focuses on standardization, optimization, and automation.
  • Henry Schein offers basic to advanced Inventory Management functionality through its own website.
  • Henry Schein offers an industry leading multi-vendor procurement/Inventory Management platform.
  • Henry Schein offers a specialized pharmaceutical Inventory Management platform with security controls.


  • Web ordering features to increase productivity
  • Best practice and lean supply guidance
  • Purchasing, receiving, and reconciliation management
  • Budgeting and order forecasting tools


  • Reduces operational cost
  • Assessments for better workflow
  • Custom Data Analytics for business transparency
  • Continuing education and training


  • Mobile ordering options
  • Secure B2B transactions
  • Enterprise administration
  • Cradle to grave electronic controlled drug stewardship

Our Supply Chain Technology brand promise:

We efficiently deliver innovative supply chain solutions, technologies, and eCommerce tools to save time and effort so you can focus on your main priority…delivering improved outcomes.

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