Nym currently codes over 5 million charts annually in 150+ leading emergency medicine, radiology, and urgent care facilities.

Nym’s medical coding engine drives both cost savings and improved coding quality for revenue cycle departments. Cost savings include reducing coding-related costs by up to 35%, decreasing A/R time by 5 days and lowering denial rates to less than 0.15%. Coding quality improvements include maintaining over 96% coding accuracy, ensuring continuous compliance with latest guidelines, and providing fully-transparent audit trails for every code assigned.

Administrative costs account for up to 25% of U.S. health expenditures, with medical coding and billing being two of the top drivers of these expenses. Healthcare providers that rely solely on manual coding processes are at risk of coding-related denials and significant coding backlogs, both of which contribute to delayed reimbursement and billions in lost revenue annually. To solve these challenges, healthcare providers are looking towards automation which can reduce costs, accelerate payment cycles, and set up revenue cycle departments for long-term stability.

Nym is solving the challenges associated with medical coding by fully automating the coding process. Working with physicians and language experts, Nym has developed technology that combines clinical expertise, computational linguistics and explainable AI. Nym’s medical coding engine leverages this technology to decipher provider notes within patient charts and instantly assigns compliant medical charge codes, all with zero human intervention.

Coding Accuracy

Improve coding accuracy to over 96%

Reduce Operational Costs

Cut down operational costs by 35%

Reduce Claims Denials

Reduce claims denial rate to under 0.15%

Zero Human Intervention

Nym’s medical coding engine fits seamlessly into the existing coding workflow. It runs in the background, taking a first pass at coding all charts and sending successfully coded charts to billing with zero human intervention.

Accurate. Explainable. Compliant.

As new coding guidelines are released, Nym’s engine is automatically updated. It also generates audit-ready, traceable documentation that can be used in the event of an appeal or denial, providing hospitals and health systems with total visibility into how Nym’s engine assigns charge codes.


We treat the security of chart data with the highest standards. Nym’s security-first approach harnesses the best and most updated technologies to make sure that data stays safe and private at every step of the process. Nym is SOC 2 Type II certified, demonstrating that we have achieved industry-defined security requirements around proper data and privacy protections, as assessed by an independent third-party agency.


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