HENRY SCHEIN Rx Samples is a free and secure online service that enables eligible prescribers to order leading pharmaceutical drug samples — easily and conveniently.


Failure to take medications, which is fairly common among patients with chronic disease, is linked to poor health outcomes, increased hospitalizations, and even death costing over $100 billion per year. One of the main reasons patients fail to take their medications is the cost of prescription drugs.



  • Rx Samples allows physicians to receive samples direct from the manufacturers within 4-6 business days.
  • Rx Samples makes re-ordering samples easy allowing providers full control of their inventory.
  • Rx Samples enables eligible prescribers to use their mobile phone or tablet to sign their sample request forms.
  • Rx Samples allows providers to quickly start their patients on the appropriate medication regimen which saves time and money.

Getting Started Is Easy – Samples Are Available Now!
Go to www.hsrxss.com and click the “Check Eligibility & Register Now” button. If eligible, activate your account by completing basic user and shipping information. Once registration is complete, you can place your first order immediately.

Need assistance getting started or placing your order?
E-mail us at henryscheinRxSamples@emedsample.com
or call us toll-free at (866) 772-1580.

Client Testimonials

Bruce Salvani – Looking forward to having another successful year with RxSamples. This truly is one of my favorite solutions that HS offers. It’s so simple to sign up accounts and it provides a great service for our physician’s offices. Doctors and office managers love it! They are so happy to regain access to the long lost Rx samples that have eluded their office for so long. In addition it’s free! Sometimes they look at me waiting to hear what the catch is. What a great way to add value.

Steve Jackson – HS FSC Signed up a Dr. Matta yesterday in NYC with the Rx Sample Program.He was very impressed at the 4 different medications in various strengths that he could get samples of. He was very excited to use the Free Service for his practice. …

Tom Maseth – HS FSC Happy New Year! You are so welcome! The RxSamples Program provides excellent value to my customers. It also has been a door opener for me in the past. Thank you for being such a great vendor partner!!.

Edward Colwell – HS FSC Thanks did three today. The most effective way to do it, is to do it

James Nardini – HS FSC Did a new office setup today, signed Dr. Karen Kim up in about 2 minutes, when she saw the list of drugs she is eligible for she said, “ Oh wow!”.

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